Kitchen equipment

Cutlery trays and more

In the kitchens beats the heart of many apartments. There is grated, cut, peeled, chopped, cooked and baked. The interior of the “work place” kitchen should be given a special meaning. Because only a certain order principle ensures a smooth process during cooking.

We know and do everything!

Cutlery trays, cutlery inserts, cutting boards, grid floor systems for pull-outs, boxes, bottle carriers and many more things are useful helpers. All kitchen accessories from our house are thoughtfully designed, user-oriented and space-saving. They are so variable that almost no wishes remain open.

Of course, we recommend wood as a material – and in its most beautiful form. Then not only the order, but also the optics are correct!

Our standard cutlery tray series

Under the equipment series ‘Pure’, ‘Smart’ and ‘Classic’ we offer our customers standard cutlery inserts and matching accessories, where the design of the base plate and dividers can be individually determined by the customer. Thanks to the modular design, cutlery inserts of all series can be put together individually.

For our customers we also offer the development and production of completely own designs. There are almost no limits to your ideas. Contact us. We are happy to help.

Holz Besteckeinsatz variabel modern


The versatile cutlery insert system for steel frame systems and wooden drawers in modern design.

Holz Besteckeinsatz variabel


The modular system for highest demands on design, quality and individuality.

Massivholz Besteckeinsatz klassisch


Classic cutlery insert elements milled out of solid wood in traditional craftsmanship.

Your very own ideas …

You want to stand out from the market and you have your own ideas for the equipment of your kitchens? Together with our customers, we develop your own designs that accomplish your ideas.

There are almost no limits to the realization. Whether fancy shapes or materials, we enjoy finding solutions to tricky problems. Often, individually optimized manufacturing processes have emerged that fulfill the aims of our customers in a special way.

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.


Our cutlery insert system for cool kitchens.

Our cutlery insert system Pureline fits in almost every kitchen. It is compatible with all standard steel frame systems and also fits in conventional drawers. Replaceable elements such as film dispensers, spice holders, can inserts and knife blocks make many combinations possible.

Besteckeinsatz Holz

The decor or optional veneer of the base plate can be freely selected according to customer requirements. Even with the types of wood used in cutlery dividers, there are no limits to your ideas. In addition to common types of wood such as oak, walnut or beech, modern, whitish accentuated materials are also popular.


frameless insert

Without the surrounding frame, a cutlery insert looks lighter and more elegant.


exchangeable elements

Thanks to exchangeable components, the cutlery insert can be freely assembled.


solid wood

Solid wood milled parts give the cutlery insert a premium touch.


material mix

Combinations of different materials and colors are very much in vogue.

Tablett Aluminium Holz Kombinaton

Pureline tray

A class of its own.

   Handles made of aluminium
   individually customizable
   anti-slip coating available


Our premium cutlery insert program for individualists and fanatics of orderliness.

Our modular cutlery insert system meets the highest demands. Craftsmanship quality down to the smallest detail combined with modern functionality make this product a true all-rounder. The cutlery inserts can be individually adapted and changed at any time. For example, the film dispenser can be exchanged with a spice insert or instead be supplemented with other cutlery compartments. This results a high number of combination options.


variabler Besteckeinsatz aus Holz

The particularly sophisticated design of the Smartline series prevents double dividers between the individual modules. Also, the joints are not visible and also completely free of play.


frameless insert
Without the surrounding frame, a cutlery insert looks lighter and more elegant.


several combinations

Thanks to interchangeable elements, there are countless possible combinations.


no joint gaps

The joints between the individual elements are cleverly obscured.


no double dividers

Thanks to the sophisticated construction, there are no double dividers.

Smartline pull-out

Pretty smart.

   solid-wood aluminium combination
   removeable solid boxes
   individually customizable
   true storage wonder
   optimal use of space


Our cutlery insert program for the artisanal look.

The cutlery insert series Classicline stands for classic design as well as for excellent workmanship. The drawer ensemble consisting of several elements is aimed primarily at kitchens from the craft sector. All accessories, such as knife blocks and spice holders, are milled from one part of solid wood.


many accessories

Choose from a list of all sorts of accessories, such as spice holders, cans or knife blocks.


wood selection

When ordering our Classicline inserts, you can choose from a variety of common types of wood.


from solid wood

Some parts of the cutlery insert, such as knife block and spice bowls, are milled from one piece.


suitable for steel frames

The inserts are not only suitable for wooden drawers, they also fit into common steel frame systems.